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Going Indie

There are books an author loves that just don’t have a place in the traditional publishing world. When He Found Me is that kind of book, so my husband and I decided to publish it independently. It’s available at Amazon in both digital and paper formats. 

I came *this close* to retiring after my Bethany House books. Writing is a joy, but I was tired—make that very tired—after writing 18 books in 18 years. When my new Road to Refuge series didn’t sell traditionally after a year of waiting, I thought I was done.

And then it hit . . . The writing bug bit again. I didn’t mind getting up before dawn to write. In fact, I wanted to.  The joy returned in wave after wave. .

I hope you enjoy the new series. The books are a lot like my Bethany House books with one difference. The characters have pasts that are a little more complicated, and those consequences form the basis of the story. 

My favorite thing to do as a writer is to take someone who’s given up hope and show that hope restored.  That’s what the Road to Refuge series is all about.

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