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In The Works
I’m going back to my western roots. Sometime in 2023, or early 2024, I hope to release what I’m calling an old-new series. It’s old because these stories were first published 2003-2006. It’s new because I’m writing them to fit my current voice. More news to come as the three-book series develops.

The Road to Refuge Books
A huge thank you to every reader who left a review or told a friend about this series. I have a few more ideas. We’ll see how it develops! My favorite thing to do as a writer is to take someone who’s given up hope and show that hope restored.  That’s what the Road to Refuge series is all about.

Writing Life
My husband and I are still firmly planted in Lexington, Kentucky. The biggest change in our lives is the result of two beagles, brothers named Hobie and Hudson. I often toy with the idea of children’s series about these two mischief makers. If you’ve ever owned a beagle (or a beagle has owned you), you know what I mean!

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