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The Women of Swan's Nest series . . .

We all know the story of the ugly duckling. The poor little bird thinks its unlovable until time and experience transform it into a beautiful swan. That's the idea behind this series about a group of women living at a Denver boardinghouse in the 1870s. The books are loosely related, but the stories definitely stand alone.


Kansas Courtship is Book #3 in the “After the Storm” series. It can be read on its own, but for those readers who prefer to start at the very beginning, Book #1 is High Plains Bride by Valerie Hansen. Book #2 is Heartland Wedding by Renee Ryan.

The Haverick Preacher -- Victoria Bylin

The Maverick Preacher
The Women of Swan's Nest, Book #1
RT Reviewer's Choice Finalist!

A Man on a Mission…
Once upon a time, he was one of Boston’s most righteous ministers. Now Joshua Blue is a guilt-stricken man scouring the West to find the sister he drove away with his pride. When the trail leads him to Denver, a beautiful boardinghouse owner might be the key to unlocking past secrets…

By sheer determination, Adelaide Clark has raised her young son alone. When Joshua arrives at her door, Adie fears he’ll tear her family apart. As she gets to know the charming preacher, however, she sees he’s come to make amends for past wrongs. Soon his strong faith sparks Adie’s long-buried hope for a future with a God-sent partner at her side…

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Wyoming Lawman -- Victoria Bylin

Wyoming Lawman
The Women of Swan's Nest, Book #2

The Deputy's Decision . . .
Matrimony? Never again for deputy sheriff Matt Wiley. The only good thing from his first marriage is his daughter. His little girl might want a mother, but Matt knows that no woman should have to deal with his guilty secret, or his anger at God. He’ll do his duty, serve the town of Cheyenne and keep his distance.

Yet when courageous single mother Pearl Oliver comes to town, watching from the sidelines isn’t an option--especially when Pearl lands herself in danger. His heart, Pearl’s life and the safety of their town are all at risk. Only the love and faith he thought he’d left behind can help him win his way to happily ever after.

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The Outlaw's Return -- Victoria Bylin

The Outlaw’s Return
The Women of Swan's Nest, Book #3

A Rogue's Redemption . . .
J.T. Quinn would know Mary Larue's beautiful voice anywhere. He just never expected to hear her singing in a Denver church. The gunslinger comes to town to reunite with the only woman he's ever loved . . . but the actress he left behind two years ago is gone.

In her place is a deeply Christian woman with a successful restaurant, the town's respect and a pair of younger siblings in her care. J.T. doubts he'll ever be worthy of Mary again, but he can protect her and her siblings from the threats of a local ne-er-do-well. And with courage and faith, perhaps even an outlaw can find redemption . . . and love.

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Marrying the Major -- Victoria Bylin

Marrying the Major
The Women of Swan's Nest, Book #4

A Very Practical Proposal . . .
He hired a governess, but what retired officer Tristan Willoughby Smith needs is a wife. Not on his behalf, but to protect little Dora and Freddie. When Caroline Bradley arrives at his Wyoming ranch, she seems perfectly suited--capable, efficient, intelligent . . . if a trifle too appealing.

Caroline knows what a real union of hearts should be, and the major’s polite, no-nonsense offer hardly qualifies. Still, she accepts for the children’s sake, little knowing the complications the marriage will bring to test her confidence and her faith. Yet in this unusual match, Caroline starts to see a glimmer of something strong and true--the makings of the family she never thought she’d find . . .

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The Bounty Hunter's Bride -- Victoria Bylin

The Bounty Hunter’s Bride

The long journey across the West ended in sorrow for one hopeful mail-order bride. Dani Baxter stepped off the train in Colorado, only to learn that her intended had died suddenly, leaving three young daughters behind. And suddenly she knew why God had sent her here--to make this family whole again.

But her late fiancé’s brother, Beau Morgan, a bounty hunter obsessed with vengeance, believed that was his duty. He proposed they marry--in name only-- for the children's sake. But as she came to know him, she realized she wanted more, much more. And she wondered if even this lost man could somehow find peace in a woman's loving arms.

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In A Mother's Arms -- Victoria Bylin

In A Mother’s Arms
ACFW Carol Award Finalist!!!

Home Again by Victoria Bylin

When her troublemaking son vandalizes the town church, Cassie O'Rourke comes face-to-face with town sheriff--and former love--Gabe Wyatt. The honorable lawman offers to help tame her wild child, if he can come courting. For the love of her son, dare she entrust her heart to this man once more?

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Brides of the West -- Victoria Bylin

Brides of the West

Josie's Wedding Dress

Desperate for someone to help her save her ranch, Josie Bright makes a deal with Ty Donner. Now the man who'd left her waiting at the altar is making her hope for things she had long stopped wishing for.

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Kansas Courtship -- Victoria Bylin

Kansas Courtship
"After the Storm: The Founding Years", Book #3

Town founder Zeb Garrison is finally getting his wish--a qualified physician is coming to High Plains. Yet when Dr. N. Mitchell turns out to be the very pretty Nora Mitchell, Zeb is furious. The storm-torn town needs a doctor, but Zeb needs someone he can trust--not another woman who's deceived him. If Nora's going to change his mind, she'll have to work fast. All she has is a one-month trial to prove her worth...to High Plains, and to Zeb.

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